Sunday, December 7, 2008

Rambling thoughts

As we get into the cold season here in Ohio my mind drifts to the coming "sap season" I can only hope that we have as good a year as last year. Our operation is relatively small compared to those in Vermont and Canada, yet last year we still made over 100 gallons of syrup (and had a lot of fun doing it.) Anyways it has been a few months since i posted anything so i thought I'd leave a few words. We have most of our wood cut all ready for the evaporator (thank god) and now we just have to wait for a couple of months...hopefully the weather is perfect agin like it was last year. Unfortunately i wont be able to spend as much time on it this year since i am working a full time job again but I'm sure i will be able to help quite a bit. Well I'm going to go hibernate for the rest of today its cold and windy and i'm sleepy.